Tuesday, April 16 2019

Strength: Back Squat
Build to 90% for 1 rep
Then drop down to 70%+5-10lbs for 20 Reps

 We will be taking a break from 5-3-1 for a month or so to work on building some size and endurance to our legs.  Take 10-12 minutes to build to a heavy 1-2reps. Then drop down to 75-80% for 20 reps unbroken! You cannot re-rack the barbell once you start.  Each week you will add 5-10lbs to last weeks weight.

Min 1: 15/12 Cal Bike
Min 2: 15 Toes to Bar
Min 3: 5 Front Squats 185/125

L3: 155/105
L2: 135/95
L1: 95/65